Doc’s HVAC

Mike Riebe
Mike Riebe has started and successfully run heating and cooling businesses for the last 15 years. Industry friends often call on Mike for assistance and advice when they are stuck diagnosing in the field — thus the nickname “Doc” was born. Mike prides himself on trying to get to the root of the issue to keep equipment running well as long as possible. He doesn’t believe in selling you expensive equipment you don’t need or trying to push unnecessary upgrades. Mike is passionate about all aspects of the HVAC business, including the “V” part — venting, ductwork and sheet metal design.  In fact, Mike has taught the art of sheet metal design and construction for more than 10 years at Waubonsee College, in Sugar Grove, IL.
For a diagnosis you can trust, call the HVAC doctor, Mike Riebe!
Year Joined: 2017
Web Site:
Phone: (630) 402-0554